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UED Simple Unix File Text Editor
by XTreme Computing


UED is a Windows text editor that can create Unix-style text 
files in which lines are separated by a carriage return (CR)
only, rather than both a carriage return and line feed (CR/LF).
UED can also be set to save CR/LF style, and by extension can
be used to convert between the two formats.

In addition to being able to work with Unix-style text files, 
UED is a viable substitute for Windows Notepad, but without
the 64k limitation.

The UED executable may be freely shared with others, so long
as the unmodified readme.txt file is distributed with it.  The zip
file linked for download below contains both the readme.txt and
the executable. 

UED is provided "as is" with no claims as to viability for any 
given purpose.

In keeping with our original "learning by examples" concept for
XTremeWare, the source code of UED is available to registered
users as described in the accompanying readme.txt.


Download UED