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General Tip - Intermediate

1 - Object Browser
Applies to Visual Basic 5.0
2 - Class Wizard
Applies to Visual Basic 5.0

Courtesy of Richard Mageau

Tip 1
When creating an ActiveX component, the Object Browser is an invaluable tool for many reasons. First, it quickly and easily shows all the properties and methods for your classes and project. Second, and more importantly, by right clicking on a property or method, it allows you to add a description to the property or method.  After the server is compiled and a reference to it is added to a project, the user can go into object browser, click on a property or method, and get a quick description of what it does!

Tip 2
Visual Basic has a wizard for the creation of classes! Go to the Add-Ins menu and select the Class Builder utility (if you don't see it there, go to the Add-In Manager and add the class builder utility to make it available on the menu).  This automatically creates the properties and methods (along with private variables for the properties).  I can't tell you how much time this utility has saved me! I was going to create my own, but Microsoft beat me to it!

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