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About XTreme Computing!

XTreme Computing was formed to create "packaged" software, as well as to market custom solutions and consulting services. The concept evolved during the summer of 1996, based around a group of talented people who worked together so well that they wanted to remain a team even after leaving their current jobs. The idea was to form a company where it would always be fun to work, and where any intrusion by Dilbert™ management would leave only ourselves to blame.

Our first project was Data XChange, a user-friendly utility for getting data from one format into another. It seemed like a common need for which no product known to us existed, and something that could save programmers and database administrators a great deal of work. Please check out Data XChange elsewhere on our web site.

XTreme Computing consists of several individuals with a variety of backgrounds, primarily but not exclusively oriented toward Microsoft products and technologies.  For more information on our backgrounds, please see the XTreme Team page elsewhere on our web site.

Since there is a particular concentration of Visual Basic expertise within the XTreme Team, we thought it would be cool to include a page of VB tips and tricks on our web site.  Look for database tips there as well, from our database wizards, and likely tips on other programming topics.  Our links page will be devoted to useful resources, web sites of our clients, personal pages, and anything else we find useful or entertaining.

Please be sure to check out the rest of our web site, and visit again regularly to watch it grow.  For more information or to discuss what we can do for you, write us at sales@XTremeComp.com or call 508-230-7111 today.

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