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This page contains links that can in some way be considered professional, though that might still be a matter of opinion. As they say, your mileage may vary.


Lynch & Lynch, Attorneys
Coastal Care
Telemanagement Technologies
Dolan & Connly
Amabile & Burkly
Maverick Investment Technologies
Neponset Choral Society

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Visual Basic and Programming Links :

Nicole Jordan's VB Page
Buddy's Visual Basic
KaCkLeHoRn'S Utilitys (Jay Tyler)
VBDelight, Visual Basic tips
Visual Basic Instinct
Lee Weiner, Visual Basic Answer Man
DirectX for VB
HelpMaster's WinHelp, HTML Help, Hypertext and Animation Site. By Josef Becker. Visual Basic
Microsoft Visual Basic Home
Visual Basic Island
The Scarms Visual Basic Code Library
VB Programmer's Sourcebook
Visual Basic Explorer - A Place for the Novice VB Programmer
Visual Basic Web Directory

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Technical Information or Portals :

Google Groups

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Other Sites :

TinyMan Graphics
User Friendly the Comic Strip
Andy's Art Attack!
Bitlaw Technology Law Resource
Impact Software - Home of Microangelo, GIFted and Almanac
KGP Productions  - Computer Shows
Northern Computer Shows
Bookpool Discount bookstore for technical books and computer books
Jasc, Inc.
Microsoft Home Page
New World Creations Speech Technology Site

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