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I am making an attempt to remove obsolete or unwanted links from this page, but to leave others. I may also add new ones, at my discretion, which may be relevant to me but not to the former business or VB programming. I have eliminated the sparse and somewhat obsolete "personal links" page, so this will no longer be merely business-related or professional links as I add some. In theory, not many people should see this page anyway, since it is not linked from the home page.

Hey, what kind of a web site would it be without links...
The Main Links Page
("Professional Picks")

The obligatory disclaimer : XTreme Computing cannot make any guarantees as to whether you will find any links to external sites useful, inoffensive, or even in a functional state at any given time.  You make use of any links to other web sites at your own discretion and your own risk.

This page contains links that can in some way be considered professional, though that might still be a matter of opinion. As they say, your mileage may vary.

Clients and Others:

Basketball Courts of Massachusetts
Naturescape Landscape
Lynch & Lynch, Attorneys
Telemanagement Technologies
Amabile & Burkly
Maverick Investment Technologies
Neponset Choral Society

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Visual Basic and Programming Links :

VBDelight, Visual Basic tips
Visual Basic Instinct
The Scarms Visual Basic Code Library
VB Programmer's Sourcebook

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Technical Information or Portals :

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Other Sites :

User Friendly the Comic Strip
Bitlaw Technology Law Resource

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