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The XTreme team can develop creative solutions to your custom computing needs. Why hire a programmer when you can hire a team of XTreme professionals? Call Today : (508) 230-7111

We Specialize in the following :

Operating Systems
Database Systems and Administration
Internet Technologies
Programming Languages
Microsoft Products
Lotus Technologies
Other Technologies

Operating Systems [Top]
• Microsoft® Windows
• Microsoft® Windows NT Workstation
• Microsoft® Windows NT Server
• Windows NT Clustered Server
• Unix
• OS/2 Warp

Database Systems and Administration [Top]
• Microsoft® SQL Server
• Microsoft® Access
• ORACLE Server
Internet Technologies [Top]
• Microsoft® Internet Information Server 3.x
• Microsoft® Internet Information Server 4.0
• JAVA Script
• Microsoft® Active Server Pages (ASP)
• Microsoft® FrontPage
Programming Languages [Top]
• Visual Basic
• Visual C++
• DOS Basic
• Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
• WordBasic
• Pascal
• Proprietary Languages (M or MUMPS)
Microsoft Products [Top]
• Access
• Word
• Excel
• PowerPoint
• Outlook
• Mail
• Exchange
• Front Page
Lotus Technologies [Top]
• Lotus 1-2-3
• Lotus Word Pro
• Lotus Notes
• Lotus cc: Mail
Other Technologies [Top]
• XTreme Data XChange
• Electronic Commerce and Internet Shopping Cart development.
• Internet and Intranet System analysis, design, creation and Implementation
• Document Management Consulting and Development
• Product Integration
• Active X and Visual Basic Consulting for Product Developers
• Internet Search Engines
• User friendly Reporting Applications
• Y2K Solutions
• Employee Location and Tracking Application
• Human Resource Applications

Are you tired of those off the shelf solutions that don't quite fit the needs of your business? Do you want your current software to work better? Is custom software the answer? Call XTreme and discuss the possibilities.

To learn more about how XTreme Computing can help your business :

• Phone : (508) 230-7111
• Email : Sales@XTremecomp.com
• Mail To : 45 Bristol Drive, Suite 204, South Easton, MA 02375

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