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Visual Basic Tips
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Tips below are listed in no particular order except that we will always place the newest ones at the top and label them as "new" for the first few weeks.  Comments and tip requests are welcome!  Please e-mail them to :

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Site, especially the VB tips, maintained for archival purposes. Links, e-mails and information may be broken, invalid or otherwise obsolete.

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Automation of MSN Messenger from VB Code
             (Guest tip courtesy of Nicole Jordan.)

How to Make Change in VB Code

Add-In Utility for Closing All Code Windows in VB IDE

How to Determine if a Number is Prime
  (a brute force method)

How to Derive Factors of a Number

VB6 Bug Using Printer.Scale to Print a Graph
             (Guest tip courtesy of Larry Berger.)

Fun With Textboxes

DataEnvironment Recordset Example
             (Guest tip courtesy of VBDelight.)

Closing, Reopening and Rebinding with DataEnvironment
             (Guest tip courtesy of VBDelight.)

Returning RecordCount With ADO  
             (Guest tip courtesy of VBDelight.)

Example of Updating a Foxpro Table Via ODBC Direct
             (Guest tip courtesy of VBDelight.)

How to Launch Control Panel Extensions with VB
             (Guest tip courtesy of Joseph Terranova.)

How to Determine Drive Size and Available Space

How to restart your application when Windows starts if it was running at shutdown

How to read each line of a multiline textbox into an element of an array

How to determine if a specified year is a leap year

How to open an ODBC Direct Work Space and create an updatable recordset

On instancing and naming

How to to tile a picture on a form

Generating Output of Database Structure

Object Browser and Class Wizard Tips

Using Control Arrays to your Advantage

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